A Beginners Guide to Stamp Collecting

Wed Jun 5


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Stamp collecting is one of the most common hobbies in the world.

Ever since the first Penny Black was issued in 1840, collecting stamps has been a blessing to millions of people all around the world. At first, in the mid-1800s, only children and teenagers were collecting stamps, but as they grew older they became experts and their hobbies grew even bigger and became more serious. Today, even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a stamp collector.


If you are reading this article, it means that you are just starting your first collection and are looking for some directions. Well, you came to the right place! In this article, we will talk about everything you need before you start collecting. We will also have a separate article about how to choose which stamps to collect coming up next week, so stay tuned in for that one!

Starting a stamp collection – what you need.


There are some supplies that will be essential for you to have a stamp collection. It’s a no-brainer to start with a stamp album. You need to store your stamps safely to reduce the chance of it being damaged. Also, an album will give you a chance to store them by theme, country, colors, etc.
Also, you don’t want to damage your stamps with your hands, that’s why having a pair of tweezers will be essential. Condition of the stamp is one of the biggest determiners of its value and you don’t want to make it worse with your hands. Another essential thing is a magnifying glass – it will help you inspect the details on the stamp.

Do not: keep your album in the moisture, warm areas, and light. All of the mentioned will have a negative effect on the condition of stamps.

Try to start cataloging your stamps by some kind of theme from the very beginning. As the collection gets bigger, storing your stamps become way harder. Having it done right, from the beginning will save you from the mess.


Where to get stamps


There are a lot of ways you can get your stamps. One of them is just to start collecting them from a mail sent to you, or people you know – you can simply ask them to pass those stamps to you. If you are going on a vacation to a different country, or your friend is – ask them to find you some stamps in that country. That would be a big step forward for you! Those can be a great addition to your collection. Don’t forget to check out garage sales too, a lot of people tend to sell stamps.

But if none of the above is working for you, check out eBay and Delcampe auctions. But mostly Delcampe will be your final destination as it’s more focused on stamps and coins than eBay. Try finding stamps that interest you and bid on them. If you are going to be doing a lot of bidding, use auction snipers such as iSnipe.io, as bidding tends to be a tiring and time-wasting experience for a lot of collectors. REMEMBER: your passion is collecting stamps, not being online and bidding all the time. iSnipe.io will automate your bidding, using sniping strategy (bidding during the last 5 seconds of the auctions, so that others don’t have time to outbid you). All you need to do is: copy the link of the auction you want to win, paste it in the iSnipe link box, type in the maximum price you are willing to pay for it and that’s it! – iSnipe will take care of the rest.
For detailed info and tutorial, see video: “How to Win Auctions on Delcampe”.

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