What Stamps Should I Collect?

Mon Jun 10


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Deciding What Stamps You Should Collect


Last week we talked about getting started in coin collecting and announced this week’s topic – deciding what stamps to collect. If you haven’t read our previous article, be sure to check it out: “A Beginner’s Guide to Stamp Collecting”.


Stamp collecting is a rewarding hobby and there are no strict rules about what stamps you should collect and what you shouldn’t. It’s worth saying that whatever brings you pleasure is worth collecting.

But some of the collectors take other approaches to compile a stamp collection – some focus on the country of origin, or colors or even historical periods – they collect by theme. 

Choosing a theme will help you sort your stamps accordingly in your stamp album. So here are some of the themes you might want to consider:


By Historical Period: Defining your collection according to a single historical period transcends national boundaries and focuses more on the world during a single period of time – like during renaissance. These stamps have a symbol that explains the events happening during that historical period, events like war, or reign of a king, or breakthrough in technology and art.


By Country: These stamps reflect a nation and its history. This is actually the most common way people tend to sort their collections. One of the goals of some collectors is to have a stamp from every country in the world.


By Color: As we already said, collecting stamps is all about giving you pleasure, so if you don’t want to restrict yourself to one particular topic or theme, sorting and collecting your stamps by colors can be your best option. Most of the time, this option will give you a chance to explore stamps from different countries and periods.


By Shape: Some collectors set themselves a challenge of collecting stamps that have unusual shapes. This way you can create collections of circular, rectangular, triangular and square issues.


By Topic: Some people already have an expressed interest in a particular subject (cars, musical instruments, kings, buildings, etc.). Wouldn’t it be great if you combined your two hobbies together? Like if you love cars, you can collect stamps with car pictures on them – this is what they call a 2 in 1.


Where can you get your stamps from?


There are a lot of ways you can get your stamps. One of them is just to start collecting them from a mail sent to you, or people you know – you can simply ask them to pass those stamps to you.

If you are going on a vacation to a different country, or your friend is – ask them to find you some stamps in that country. That would be a big step forward for you! Those can be a great addition to your collection. Don’t forget to check out garage sales too, a lot of people tend to sell stamps.

But if none of the above is working for you, check out eBay and Delcampe auctions. But mostly Delcampe will be your final destination as it’s more focused on stamps and coins than eBay. Try finding stamps that interest you and bid on them. If you are going to be doing a lot of bidding, use auction snipers as iSnipe.io, as bidding tends to be a tiring and time-wasting experience for a lot of collectors.

REMEMBER: your passion is collecting stamps, not being online and bidding all the time.

iSnipe.io will automate your bidding, using sniping strategy (bidding during the last 5 seconds of the auctions, so that others don’t have time to outbid you).

All you need to do is: copy the link of the auction you want to win, paste it in the iSnipe link box, type in the maximum price you are willing to pay for it and that’s it! – iSnipe will take care of the rest.

For detailed info and tutorial, see video: “How to Win Auctions on Delcampe”.

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