Group Bidding – Getting a Deal on eBay and Delcampe

Tue Jul 2


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We go to eBay and Delcampe auctions to get a deal that we want, but are we really getting it? – after some time of losing an auction at the price that we feel comfortable, we give up and start overspending. – This happens to all of us, all around the globe.


Little, but very frustrating and money-wasting problems like these made our team add group bidding to our system. As you already know, our system uses sniping strategy for bidding on items on your behalf. As the economists say it increases your chances of winning an auction by over 50%, for more info, read: “What is Sniping?”.  But sniping strategy doesn’t really help with the above-mentioned problem. That’s why we advise you to use our group bidding system.



So what group bidding does:

Group on iSnipe is something similar to a folder, which helps you organize and keep track of your items. You can simply create a group and when adding an item, choose the group you want that item to be part of.
Group bidding comes with one groundbreaking, very useful feature – maximum won snipes in the group.  What this means is that if you add 15 items to this group and set that number to 1, once the first item is won, our auction sniper will no longer bid on upcoming auctions. This way you will do your research once and your work is done!


For detailed info, watch the short tutorial video:


How this technology can help you get a deal on eBay and Delcampe? It’s actually simple. You find several similar items that you want to acquire, add them to our system, type in the same maximum price you are willing to pay for the item for all of them and set the “maximum won snipes” to one. So without you breaking a sweat, the system will bid on several auctions and eventually, as, in most of the cases, one of them will be yours!


Sounds like a plan, right?
You can actually try it for free!