Winning eBay Auction: Tips for Automating Last-Second Bidding

Wed Oct 2


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How to Win an eBay Auction: Automatic Bidding + Sniping

With around 190 Million active buyers and millions spent every day, eBay auctions made its name by being a marketplace for people to get a good deal. Even though people get items a lot cheaper on auctions than at a fixed price, sometimes they tend to pay more just to avoid the discomfort of having to get into bid wars and possibly lose the chance of buying the item they desire.

Difference between the iPhone 8 prices of Fixed Price and Auction on eBay


But the truth is, when using the right strategy for bidding + automated bidding, it takes all the discomfort away and still gets you a deal you want.
So in this article, we prepared the instruction for you to learn how you can win eBay auctions without breaking a sweat!



Auction Sniping – Making the last second bid

As many statisticians and economists confirmed, the best strategy for online auctions is sniping – bidding only once at the very end of the auction. (read more in our article: “What is Auction Sniping?“). The approach is simple – don’t show yourself until the very end of the auction and then place your max bid so that there’s almost no time left for others to react/outbid. Therefore, the best time to bid on eBay is about 5 seconds before the auction ends.
Statistics claim that sniping actually increases your chances of winning an auction by over 50%.

Winning rate increasing as person bids during the last seconds of the auction



eBay Automatic Bidding

Sniping sounds good, but it comes with a problem. You need to be present in front of the computer to make a bid during the last second of the auction and you may not have time for that.
That’s when the automated auction snipers, such as, come in. automates sniping (bidding during the last second), so all you need to do is to find the item you want to win and decide how much you are willing to pay for it, and the system will take care of the bidding part. You won’t have to get into bid wars or be at the computer all the time.



For our system, the whole bidding on an online auction system is pretty simple:

  1. Copy the link of the auction and paste it in the iSnipe link box;
  2. Decide the maximum price you are willing to pay for the item.
    Don’t worry about overspending – eBay uses proxy bidding, which means that if you win the item it will be at the price of second highest bidder’s bid + minimum increment. So if you bid $200, you might win an item for $125.
  3. Add Snipe. – Our system will bid on your behalf during the last 5 seconds of the auction.


For detailed tutorial, please see the video:



There’s one more great thing about iSnipe that takes automated bidding to a whole another level – Group Bidding.

In simplest terms, you can find several similar items on eBay and put them in a group on iSnipe and task our system to win at least 1 (or any other number you input). In that case, after the first auction is won, the system will no longer bid on upcoming ones!


For detailed tutorial, please see the video:




Try it out! We give you 5 snipes as a registration gift to test our services.