What is the Best Time to Bid on eBay?

Thu Oct 24


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The Best Time to Bid on eBay – Sniping


With more than 2 billion transactions made every single day, eBay auctions is the place to find and win almost anything you need – starting from coins to cars and even extremes like a man selling his “life” for $310,000. But, “win” is the key word here. How do you actually win eBay auctions? What is the best time to make a bid? Is there any way to win an item without getting into bid wars? – These are the questions that actually stand in our way of getting that desired item for that great cost on eBay auctions. Having that hope of finding all the answers, this article will not disappoint, so without further ado, let’s dive into it.



When should you make a bid?

Famous economists Alvin E. Roth and Axel Ockenfels gathered the auction data from eBay and Amazon, studying bidder behavior as well as efficient time for bidding. To no big surprise, studies showed that placing your bid at the very last seconds (During the last 5 seconds) of an auction increases your chances of getting the item. Statistics for a couple of eBay categories speak for themselves:

auction sniping increases winning rate
Winning rate increasing as person bids during the last seconds of the auction


More similar studies have been conducted in the following years and all of them reveal the same results – closer you bid to the end of the auction more chances you have to win the item – more than 50% to be precise. This strategy is called Auction Sniping. It actually sounds very much logical as you don’t leave any reasonable time to your fellow bidders to analyze what has happened and decide whether they are willing to increase their bid or not.



Automate Last-Second Bidding on eBay

Sniping is proven to be the best strategy to win an item on eBay, but it has its flaws – to actually make a bid, you have to be present in front of the computer every single time you might need to bid and let’s face it, you may not have time for that. You might have an internet problem and miss the chance to make the last-second bid. That’s why millions of people use eBay auction snipers, like iSnipe.io. All you need to do is to find the item you want to win and decide how much you are willing to pay for it, and the system will take care of the bidding part. You won’t have to get into bid wars or be at the computer all the time.


For detailed tutorial, please see the video:


There’s one more great thing about iSnipe that takes automated bidding to a whole another level – Group Bidding.

In simplest terms, you can find several similar items on eBay and put them in a group on iSnipe and task our system to win at least 1 (or any other number you input). In that case, after the first auction is won, the system will no longer bid on upcoming ones!


For detailed tutorial, please see the video:

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