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Tue Dec 3


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Finding Completed Listings on eBay


With more than $2 Billion worth of items sold every single day, eBay sure has a variety of products waiting for you to buy.

So you are looking for an item and don’t know the average price it sells for on eBay. You don’t want to overspend and also don’t underbid and lose an auction.

A great way to solve this problem is to take a look at sold items and determine the average price you should aim for. How do you do that? Well follow these 4 simple steps and you’ll be good to go.


  • Search for an item you are looking for.



Search for the item you want to find the average price for. In this case, for demonstrating purposes, we will go for iPhone X.


  • Switch buying format to “Auction”.



Since you are looking for the average price for your item on auctions, it’s crucial to select this option. If you want to find the results for “Accepts Offers” or “Buy it Now” options, do the same thing with them.


  • Click on “More Filters”.



On the left side, where you can apply all the filters to make your item search more specific, scroll down to the very last one. There you will find a button for applying more filters and click on it.


  • Choose to show only completed items.



In this pop-up window, scroll down to the option “Show only” and then check “Completed Items” option. Then simply click “Apply” and you’re good to go.




When you decide the average price you should aim for, don’t forget to use a sniping strategy. In simplest terms, bid during the last seconds of the auction so that your fellow bidders won’t have time to outbid you. As statistics show, this method increases your chances of winning the auction by over 50%.

But you still need to be present in front of the computer to make a last-second bid. That’s why hundreds of our users find using iSnipe helpful every single day. iSnipe is an automated auction sniper that makes a last-second bid for you on your behalf.

Al you need to do is, copy the auction item link; paste it in the iSnipe link box; type in the maximum amount of money you are willing to pay for the item and our system will try to win it for the cheapest price possible.

Sounds good right? Why don’t you try it out for free today?